I fancy sitting alone in cafés – drinking choco chip frappe while reading a Nicholas Sparks book (mostly those are the only books I read). I like to sit unaccompanied in the park humming a Camila Cabello song switching to an Arijit Singh one. I enjoy riding my bicycle on tranquil roads and walking to […]

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Deserted resolutions. Hundreds of them. Isn’t it vexatious and tiresome.? Not retaining a resolution is like breaking a vow made to oneself. And we certainly talk and crib so much about how people defy promises and how much that hurts. But what are we doing to ourselves.? Why is it so tough when someone fails […]



Maybe some day your name wont trigger ache in my chest or another similar day your voice wont spasm my heart.. Maybe one day I wont seek for contentment and happiness with you and so I will write my own verse devoid of you .. THAT ONE DAY.! But today isn’t that day. My soul […]

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A Love Story..

TO MY CALL 911, We met 3.5 years back. In a gathering of 999 people. I decided to be friends with you. Just you for the start. You stood there right at the corner I remember, wearing a navy blue suit and had the most astonishing eyes I could have ever seen. I don’t exactly […]

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At Least Once.!

I promised myself that I won’t write to you any longer. My desires should become deaf to your name and my walls should erase your silhouette forever. I don’t fail to keep commitments and promises but this time I did because nights when I struggled to sleep , made irregular patterns on my bedsheet, I […]

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To the new girl in his life, You should know that if he chooses you he will cherish and appreciate things you’ve never given thought to. He let me go, but that’s how it is when you get into a relationship which has a deadline even before it starts. Let me tell you a thing […]

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I used to believe if I begin with something, I have to end with it. That if you start loving someone, you’ll surely limit with him. But this belief comes with great revelation as things turned bitter-sweet for us. I always thought you are my last. Yet, didn’t know that we won’t last. Three years […]

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It’s almost two O’clock right now. I was pondering about a few things and how it all makes perfect and complete sense in my head, but when I try to scribble it down on nude sheets of paper, it’s kind of a mess. Look, I usually watch a movie or a show at this time. […]

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  ” NOBODY WANTS TO LIVE WHERE THEY ARE. THEY WANNA BE IN A FANTASY. ALL RIGHT.? ” It was 3:30 am, and just suddenly the darkness of the night seemed more vicious and ferocious than the monsters of my memory as if prying the soul out of me, and i instantly felt solitary. All […]


 Red Emotions… 

She couldn’t avert herself from being “inordinately” attached to him… Certainly, she observed everything – every single detail about him. The way he talked with hilarity and sagacity. The way he made her grin with his absurdity. When he asked her if she was home safe. Or when he unpredictably sent snaps to her. When […]

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